Friday Finds: Rejection, Long Form Nonfiction, Google+, Synesthesia

Starting today, every Friday I’ll share links to discoveries that inform or inspire my writing life.

Writing &  the Writing Life

Ever been rejected by Poetry Magazine? You’re in good company: Billy Collins, Elizabeth Alexander and others write about rejection. [via PBS Newshour]


Byliner: The Pandora of Nonfiction Reading. “Byliner works like a discovery engine for the best long form nonfiction writing. Fueled by the archives of publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Outside as well as an original content platform called Byliner Originals, the newly launched site indexes individual works and sorts them by author, by topic and by source. Users can follow their favorite authors, submit links to quality articles and share what they like with their social networks. Imagine an aggregator like Arts & Letters Daily meets Google News and has a beautifully designed baby. That’s Byliner’s basic idea, and media nerds are going nuts about it.” [via The Atlantic Wire]

Marketing & Social Media

What You Should Know About Google+: “Google has unveiled Google+, a series of social tools to create sharing networks, interactive chats and video conferences with online friends… The program has three tools that could help authors, readers and publishers connect.”  [via GalleyCat]

Artsy Smartsy (for the Creative Hopper)

An Eyeful of Sound. A beautiful animated documentary about Synethesia, a neurologically based condition in which stimulation of one sense leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sense, such as experiencing sound as color — or taste.

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