avatarWorking with Mary Ann de Stefano is pure flow and inspiration. She has creative talent and generosity of spirit ... She brings warmth, responsiveness, and efficiency to the tasks at hand.

Hedy Schleifer
Hedy + Yumi, Relationship Builders
avatarEach Monday when I receive the Muse, I totally enjoy it ... The reading and rereading of it adds to the beginning of my week and allows me a moment of deepening first thing on a Monday morning.

Dale Midgette Smith, Author
White Wolf Musings
Through a series of weekly meetings, Mary Ann helped me sort through the chaos in my head and find the one true voice that really mattered.

Joe Zagame
Author of The Immigrant
avatarMary Ann and her MAD About Words enterprise have been a godsend ...  Whether it’s book editing, setting up websites, developing a blog, creating a newsletter or dealing with social media, Mary Ann has been there for me with her expertise ... This talented lady’s calm, steady hand, her deep interest in me as a client and her many kindnesses make working with her a delight.

Doug Dillon, Author of The St. Augustine Trilogy
The Worlds of Doug Dillon
I know of few individuals more hard-working, reliable, effective, talented, and committed.

Joyce Whidden, Executive Director
Adult Literacy League
You can’t beat the price [of your workshop]. Compared to college courses or 'trainings' it’s well within my meager budget.

I want to stop and take a minute to say, “thank you” I appreciate you sending the MAD Monday Muse. What an encouragement to keep writing, even if it’s one word at a time.

avatarMary Ann de Stefano listened, grasped my vision, and then created an exceptional website for Playful Early Learners. MAD brings unique design, imagery, and pizzaz, along with a professional writer's eye, to each website
she creates.

Jan Parish, M.Ed., Early Childhood Consultant & Author
Playful Early Learners
Mary Ann is an amazingly astute reader, able to identify large structural problems as well as small infelicities of style.

Lezlie Laws
Professor of English, Rollins College
You really are a great teacher! My writing style has improved dramatically.

Kara, a graduate student writing her dissertation
Mary Ann did so much more than just edit my novel Prodigious Savant. She also showed me where it worked, where it didn’t work, and how to improve the manuscript to publishing quality. I would highly recommend her for your next project.

J.J. White, First Place Winner, 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award for Prodigious Savant
Novelist & Freelance Writer
I think sometimes we writers just need to feel free to toss out ideas and not feel judged or silly for trying something new. You provided us with that venue and I am truly grateful.

avatarAs I began to review and implement your suggested editing changes to my MS, I couldn't help but marvel at your ability to condense unnecessary phraseology into more economical wording. You also identified repetitious stylistic habits that I didn't even know I had ... My work had been read by four other reviewers, none of whom made such cogent suggestions as yours.  My book is much better because of your advice, and I would heartily recommend your services to others.

Raff Ellis
Author of Kisses from a Distance & Dam Foolishness
avatarLove today's MAD's Monday Muse. You do a great service reminding folks that art does not just fall out of us!

Kären Blumental
Loving Art
avatarTo my delight, Mary Ann’s careful evaluation of my book manuscript proved to be the medicine I needed to reshape it into a memoir—the story of my escaping a fundamentalist cult. Her kindness was and still is the golden honey that helps the medicine of rewriting easier to take! If your work needs healing, do yourself a favor and contact Mary Ann.

Charlene Lamy Edge, author of the forthcoming memoir, Nothing But the Word: An Insider's Story of a Fundamentalist Cult
Charlene on the Web