How to Submit to Literary Magazines

Start here: “Literary Journals & Magazines” is a guide to the basics via Poets & Writers. If we want to be seen in print, we perhaps we should also support print with our subscriptions. Poets & Writers has been the … Read More

One Space, Two Space

One space after the period or two spaces? This is one of the more hotly—and tediously—debated issues in writerly circles. (Another is the serial comma.) I’m a one-spacer myself. That’s  Chicago Manual of Style dictum, and I have been doing … Read More

How to Manage Criticism
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Writers invite criticism. We share our work with other writers and seek their advice; we submit our writing to editors and mentors for feedback; and we send our precious creations out into the world hoping they’ll be accepted for publication. … Read More

Effective Email Marketing for Authors

Email remains one of the most least expensive and most effective vehicles for marketing. Are you using it effectively? Here’s something that happens a lot. I receive a short email inviting me to a book release party. I scan it … Read More

Life Advice

Never leave home without your backup dancers.

When Ladies Meet (1941)

Joan Crawford plays a novelist in this film. You know how you can tell she’s a writer? She wears glasses with her spectacular gowns.

21 Ways to Not Finish a First Draft

Writers can come up with a lot of reasons for not finishing a first draft, and some of them even sound plausible. I know the real reasons. (And I’ve got a solution.) Fall in love with the thrill of new … Read More

Vulture or Eagle?

The other day, as I drove onto the asphalt parking lot that surrounds my condo association, I saw a huge turkey vulture standing in my path. Even though I drove close, he didn’t budge and kept tearing at something with … Read More

The Watcher

In an article I’ve saved for a long time, Gail Godwin names her inner critic the “Watcher at the Gate.” The Watcher is “the intellect that examines too closely the ideas pouring in at the gates … passionately dedicated to … Read More

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