One Space, Two Space

One space after the period or two spaces? This is one of the more hotly—and tediously—debated issues in writerly circles. (Another is the serial comma.) I’m a one-spacer myself. That’s  Chicago Manual of Style dictum, and I have been doing … Read More

The Resistant Writer

“A good copyeditor can win over a resistant writer. Approaching him as we would an abused puppy, we try to build trust. We ask intelligent questions that express understanding and respect. We assure him that our work will be transparent … Read More

An Editor’s Work

Vanity Fair’s  red-pencil-wielding executive literary editor, Wayne Lawson, together with representatives from the research and copy departments, whip Sarah Palin’s resignation speech into publishable shape.[]

Fresh Eyeballs

Received from a writer today: “…just want to check for there vs. their, etc.  and make sure you wanted the first 20 pages or just a representative 20 pages.  I once did a proposal for a dance recital software package … Read More


“The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.”   ~~Robert Cormier Literary agent Rachelle Gardner’s Back to the Drawing Board post validates why when potential clients contact … Read More

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