On My Mind

Several articles about the relationship we have with our minds drew my attention this week. 1. Sion Dayson, who some of you will remember from her “Getting Unstuck” workshop here, wrote a beautiful piece about her stay at Kerouac House. “My … Read More

Vulture or Eagle?

The other day, as I drove onto the asphalt parking lot that surrounds my condo association, I saw a huge turkey vulture standing in my path. Even though I drove close, he didn’t budge and kept tearing at something with … Read More

The Ghost Writer

This is movie making! Writing, acting, directing, and editing—not special effects or gimmicks. An homage to Hitchcock—especially the scene where the note is passed. All so well done. (With the possible exception of Kim Cattrall who overacted and probably could … Read More

Psycho Trailer

Alfred Hitchcock was a genius director, but he was also a genius marketer. You gotta love this trailer for Psycho for the way he mixes humor with the macabre. Love the jolly intro music!  

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