mad profileMAD about Words is the brainchild (and heartchild) of Mary Ann de Stefano. I am a writer and editor with techie tendencies and a marketing bent, and I want you to believe in yourself and your writing.

MAD about Words is named as a play on my initials and love for writing.

I am MAD about Words as in: “she’s mad about jazz,” or “she’s mad about the boy.” You know, enthusiastic about, passionate, ardent, fervent, avid, fanatical, devoted, infatuated, in love with, hot for, crazy, nuts, or wild about.

Antonym: indifferent. (Something I am definitely not.)

Just like you, I do battle with the twin demons of creative expression: uncertainty and resistance. That’s why I’m mad about nurturing creative and community spirit.

You don’t have to do it alone

MAD about Words helps writers by providing high-quality editorial services, author website design, and writing workshops and by publishing the popular MAD’s Monday Muse.

Working with Mary Ann de Stefano is pure flow and inspiration. She has creative talent and generosity of spirit. She has a knack for entering the world of the “other,” so that her writing serves her clients faithfully. She brings warmth, responsiveness, and efficiency to the tasks at hand. —Hedy Schleifer, Schleifer + Associates

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These days I forgo the hat, heels, and dolly when I read.
These days I forgo the hat, heels, and dolly when I read.

34+ years experience

  • 11+ years in publishing, Harcourt Brace/Academic Press
  • Independent writing consultant since 1993
  • Building websites since 1999
  • Organizing writing workshops since 2005
  • Editor, The Florida Writer (the Florida Writer Association’s official magazine) since 2013
  • Rollins College, BA English & writing, magna cum laude
  • Studied with America’s foremost creativity coach, Eric Maisel
  • Continuing professional development & self-study
  • Member: ACES: The Society for Editing, Editorial Freelancers Association, and Florida Writers Association